EEH VENTURES - Your Gateway to Modern and High Quality Investment

EEH Ventures was founded by our CEO, Eitan Eldar in 2013. Over the last 10 years, we have established ourselves as one of London's leading residential investment companies. Through our devotion, understanding and expertise in the London, Real Estate market, we pride ourselves in delivering high yielding and profitable opportunities to our investors. We have a reputation and proven track record of sourcing rare and off-market deals and concluding our careful due diligence and analysis faster than our competitors. Our success is driven by the passion and dedication of our experienced team. EEH Ventures brings together industry-leading experts from all over the globe and form a dynamic team of professionals with investor success and satisfaction at the forefront of our minds.

As well as our in house legal counsel, accountants, financial analysts, surveyors and construction experts we also work closely with well-known legal, financial and tax advisers, ensuring every detail is thoroughly scrutinised to ensure the success of the investment prior to completion.

  • So Far - Since we started 9 years ago, we have invested in properties with a combined GDV of over £1.9 billion.
  • Our Funds - invests its own funds, private investors, family offices and institutional funds.
  • Our Partners – EEH Ventures has a large network of local real estate partners and provides huge additional benefits across all sectors of our business.
  • Investments - EEH Ventures targets to increase its investments significantly by the end of 2023.

EEH Ventures
EEH Ventures has three main cores to the business: Investment, Development & Brokerage.

We work with high net worth private investors, family offices and international and domestic institutional funds to invest in high yielding real estate opportunities.
We specialise in securing the best investments for our investors and are able to recognise the potential for an uplift in rent and maximise the rental return.
We have the ability to add value by utilising our vast experience and professional knowledge, examples of this include planning applications, financial structuring of the deal and project/property management.

We specialise in achieving a 5-8% net rental yield on our residential investments in London and purchase with a discount on the market price so that our investors also benefit from capital appreciation.

We pride ourselves in acquiring opportunities that provide us with great development potential and opportunity with our typical GDV on completion between £20 million to £100 million.

The two core residential development models we use are:

Permitted Developments Acquisitions: We continue to have success with our permitted developments, where we take a commercial office or building and convert it into luxury residential apartments. Using our experience we are able to benefit from the local council/government sanctioned provisions to simultaneously retain and enhance established former office buildings for residential purpose and by doing so we maximise the potential of the asset. This enables us to complete the developments to the highest quality in a professional in a financially effective manner.

Land Acquisitions: EEH Ventures identifies and acquires specific land opportunities with potential for high quality and specification apartments.

EEH Ventures offers our partners a platform for real estate acquisitions and disposals. Acting as a broker between our partners, institutional funds, family offices, and high net worth private buyers, we have successfully completed sales on multiple transactions including land, commercial and residential assets.

Finace Brokerage:
EEH Ventures offers high leverage, quick and easy financing in the real estate market. We can assist with providing financing for real estate acquisitions, refinancing and construction purposes. Acting as a broker between our partners, we have successfully completed financings of more than £350 million in 2020, mainly to residential and development properties.
  • Up to 80% loan to value.
  • 2-3 weeks to complete transactions.